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Bleach 486 is out!
Thank you bleach 486 comes out early today!!!

And this chapter,I think it will be more interesting! It looks like we are being given foreshadowing for ishida being caught between his friends and the Qunicy when he said he couldn’t come with them. That will be interesting. I wonder if he has the potential to become as powerful as Ichigo and these powered up quincies.

This new long-haired character looks intimidating and a bit like Ichigo. I wonder if there is some significance behind that or if its just kubo's drawing style, but the long-haired man is really attractive.

Ichigo and Urahara storming Hueco Mundo next chapter that sounds epic and suspenseful. Gah i wish ichigo had asked about grimmjow. I mean last time he saw both him and they were right next to each other. You'd think she would have seen him...god i hope he brings him back. I really hope he comes back. I don’t care if it is as a protagonist or antagonist. Hope to read more about bleach manga.

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