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What causes the high price of LED lights?
As a revolutionary green energy-saving lamps, LED energy-saving lamps, changing the previous energy-saving lamps contain heavy metal toxins, pollution problems, and much longer service life characteristics of the next generation of mainstream lighting products, but more expensive, few people interested.
In our view, the same power, namely, the wattage is the same energy-efficient light than ordinary energy-saving lamps brighter. In theory, the ordinary energy-saving lamp life of approximately 5000 hours, indoor LED lamp life of up to 50,000 hours. In theory, the calculation of electricity per day 5 hours, it’s life up to 27 years.
Normal wear and tear and glow the same premise, can choose the ordinary energy-saving in straight fluorescent lamps (15W) and equal to its glow LED lamps (9W). At present, an energy-saving lamps sell for about 50 yuan, the LED lamp is priced at 200 yuan. 50,000 hours of work time and residents of Harbin City, electricity (0.51 yuan / kWh) calculated the electricity of ordinary energy-saving lamps to 382.5 yuan (15 watts x 50000 hours) / 1000 × 0.51 = 382.5; the LED lights with The power cost of 229.5 yuan (9 watts x 50,000 hours) / 1000 × 0.51 = 229.5. In 50,000 hours of testing, however, ordinary energy-saving lamps, 10 lamps need to be replaced. Assume that a $ 50 general energy-saving lamps, including lamps fee of 25 yuan and 25 yuan lamp fee, then ignited the 50,000 hours cost $ 275 (25 × 10 tube +25 $ = 275); and lit 50,000 hours LED light only need one, cost about 200 yuan. Ordinary energy-saving lamps lit simultaneously by 50,000 hours, spent 657.5 yuan, LED lights, compared with 429.5 yuan. Seen in this light, an LED light than ordinary energy-saving lamps save 228 yuan. Each room lights total, the cost of the savings will be doubled.
What causes the high price of LED lights? Some three points:
Cooling and reasonable cost of design
Would account for about 20 percent in the structural design of the lighting in industrious people will have been priced very low, 20% of the cost very reasonable, the biggest problem is how to be more innovative, the design is more reasonable.
Cooling costs to be maintained at 5%, the actual thermal design is very simple and protect the two directions: First, the led tube and the external heat sink paths as short as possible, the shorter the better your thermal design; heat resistance is sufficient heat reached the path must also have the ’cooling-road’. this part of the cost structure is not much used in cooling costs.
Core technology is the high cost of
led industry upstream of most of the core patent is in foreign hands, we do not grasp the core technology, although the manufacturing capacity of[ LED flexible strip>http://www.led999.net/] application products accounted for 50% of the global share to 50 percent, but the profit is indeed one of the lowest .
LED chip with the process, increase in the number of larger wafer production process, will continue to reduce costs, reduce the rate of 20% annually in recent years, the price factor of the LED chip to light efficiency enhancement also included in the price reduction the same price to buy a better product. The cost of LED lighting in the LED chip, chip price down of led flood light Price dropped of at this stage of energy-saving lamps, interior lighting, natural everywhere. LED chip is still a great room for price cuts.
Power cost is seriously lagging behind
The power LED lighting is the weakest link, is seriously lagging behind the development of led lamps, quality needs to be improved. Design accounted for about 20% of the cost of lamps, some as high. As the technology development of power in about 5-10% of the most reasonable.
LED costs are high compared with other light, as in the 1990s before the invention of blue LED tube the LED Downlight industry, leading to the white LED can be achieved, in fact, now the cost is not high. LED environmental protection, energy saving, no mercury, and every quarter of the price of LED lamps are sliding down, I believe we can achieve the acceptable level within a short period of time.
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