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Naruto 575,Bleach 482 are out.
Naruto 575,Bleach 482are out.

you can read this manga on mangahere, the latest manga released.

Naruto 575, sasuke's power, the five kages. and where is naruto?

naruto 575
naruto 575 sasuke

Bleach 482, who is that man? why he came here? does he has some intelligence.

bleach 482, the star necklace, the mystery owned.
bleach 482, the black legs, who are they?

so read Naruto 575, Bleach 482to get those answers.

One Piece 658 is break this week.

bleach 482, Short Paragraphs:

shida: Isn't he an arrancar? the thing he had on his face looked like a hollow mask.
/*bad recognition: no one knows that the end is coming.*/
ichigo:i don't think you're here to avenge aizen.
the man:i am not an arrancar.did not it remind you something, ichigo?

clue:the footprints are all pairs of a bare foot and a sandal.
old man:we meet for the first time, captain commander of the gotel 13, shigekuni genryuusai yamamotodono
we came here...to declare war on you.

Naruto 576, Bleach 473, One Piece 658 will be released this week.

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