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Naruto 576 Itachi&Sasuke
Naruto 576 Itachi&Sasuke

In naruto 576, Sasuke meets Itachi again, he must can not believe his dear admire brother still alive. He followed and followed by his dear admire brother, and meets many things. Sasuke is a good little brother, but now he is an adult, he had his own thought. Though Itachi told him do not hatred the leaves village, but he still can not accept his dear admire elder brother.

Some naruto fans said Itachi should give sasuke a bunch! But as a good brother, I think Itachi may not want to do this.

Well, this chapter is just so so. No more things to tell, but still wait for the next chapter. I think we should still wait one week to read naruto 577. haha, just this.

The one piece 659, bleach 484, naruto 577 will be updated next week on Wednesday.

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