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Bleach,who is the strongest captain
Bleach manga

Bleach fans, Bleach 485 is break this week, you can read some other mangas on mangahere.

Or we can talk about another things relate to bleach manga.

Who is the strongest captain?

Maybe people think Yamamoto is the most powerful captain in the gotei 13. Even without his arm, he is still the most. He pocesses the best skills in nearly everything and combine that with his Zanpakuto, its something that even Aizen had to prepare for when going up against him.

But also some people think its Yama-Ji because no one else can touch him. With just his shikai he sealed Aizen, Tousen, and Gin. He fought against Shunsui and Ukitake, and despite the fact that they looked exhausted and roughed up he didn't even seem out of breath. He's easily the strongest.

Aizen the the third one that a group think he is the powerful captain though he had been rebelled to the soul society. Aizen is the strongest cause intelligence can be better then strenght the fact Aizen created wonderweiss to seal yamamoto zanpakutou shows Aizen is a better strategist and leader and a good stratagem can win a fight or a war.

Well, that the powerful captains in the gotei 13.

Bleach 485 will be released next week on the latest manga release.

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