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How to Make Solar Water Heaters?
Solar water heater can reduce or eliminate the need for "grid" energy to heat water in the home. A panel in a window collects solar panel energy, heating water in pipes that is pumped back into the house for use. The average homeowner can build and install a solar hot water heater in about two hours.

Attach the four 2-by-4 boards to the edge of a sheet of plywood with wood screws, creating a shallow box. The length of the 2-by-4 boards and size of the plywood is dependent on the size of the window frame. Typically the plywood is 3 feet by 4 feet.

Drill two holes in opposite corners of the box, into the side of the 2-by-4s. These holes are the input and output for the water pipes, so they need to be slightly larger than the pipe diameter solar collector.Run a section of copper pipe through one of the holes, then across to the opposite side of the box.

Attach a 90-degree pipe fitting to the end of the pipe inside the box, then attach a smaller section of pipe to the end of the fitting. Secure another 90-degree fitting to the end of the small section to make a 180-degree turn in the pipe.

The beauty of a water heater pv module hot water system is that it does not have an electric bill. It can be used to transfer heat to the inside of a hothouse (a heated green house) or to heat water for other purposes.

Attach a long section of pipe to the last fitting, running it to the opposite side of the box.Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until the box is filled with a continuous length of copper pipe, ending at the second hole.Apply black paint to the interior of the box and the pipes. Two coats are recommended. The paint should not contain gloss. Allow the paint to dry.Cut a sheet of Plexiglas to fit the top of the box, then attach it with strong adhesive or screws. This seals the panel.

Mount the panel with L-brackets and screws in an area that gets lots of sunlight, preferably facing south. Connect the panel's pipes to the solar module air conditioner system with copper pipe couplers; the "top" pipe on the panel should be the input and have gravity help with the pumping, but it is not critical for operation. As sunlight enters the Plexiglas it is trapped and absorbed by the black pipes, which heat the water passing through them.

Straighten the hangers out. At one free edge of the sides of the bag, roll plastic over a hanger a few times. Poke a small hole in the plastic by the hanger at increments of 2 inches. Use the zip ties to strap the hanger to the mesh so that the hanger reinforces the edge of the bag. Do the same on the other side. Fill in gaps with spray foam.

Drill holes just big enough for the tubes to slide into the 5-gallon bucket. One hole should be drilled just below the top of the Solar Water Heater cell line, and the other should be drilled low in the bucket. Use Gorilla PVC glue to seal around the tubing. Use the rest of the foam sheet you cut earlier to insulate the bucket by gluing it on.

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