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How to Perforate Sheet Metal?
Sheet metal is usually defined as metal that is formed into thin and flat pieces. Perforated metal refers to steel wire rope with multiple holes, such as the strainer covering your sink drain. Perforating metal is usually necessary to allow air, water and sound waves to flow through the metal sheet. Another reason for perforating metal sheets is to allow people to see through the sheet. Perforating metal sheets is not a complicated process, but is one that requires patience and a sharp drill bit. Wipe the top of the aircraft cable with a dry rag to remove dirt and oil. Draw with a pencil an outline of a geometrical figure such as a circle, square or triangle over the area that you wish to perforate. Draw equally spaced parallel lines vertically along the entire area within the geometrical figure. Add the diameter of the hole you wish to make to the distance between each hole to determine the distance between each parallel line. Draw equally spaced parallel lines horizontally along the entire area within the geometrical figure. Position the lines so that each line is perpendicular to the lines you made in Step 2. The horizontal lines and the vertical lines should intersect each other at 90-degrees to form a square. The resulting pattern inside the figure should look similar to the surface of graph paper used by high school students. Place the Welded Wire Mesh into a bench drill and aim the tip of the drill against a point where a vertical line intersects a horizontal line. Fasten the metal machine sheet onto the drill base with bar clamps and turn on the drill. Slowly but carefully drill the hole, and then repeat the same process on each hole that has to be drilled.
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