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Bleach 497,Kenpai will save the captains?
In Bleach 497, when Hitsugaya finds out his bankai has been stolen, his first reaction is to ask Rangiku to inform the other captains and warm them. Knowing this, Mayuri is enraged that they did not wait for his analysis to be completed.
Shunsui says that the Sternritters are not enemies they can defeat without Bankai and that someone would have to make the sacrifice eventually. At once, his eye gets injured by his opponent. His opponent can move quickly!
At Byakuya's side, Renji wants to fight with his bankai. Byakuya stops him shouting. Then Renji asks that how they can fight the Vandenreich without Bankai.
This is the question they all worrying about.

"Link me to Ichigo Kurosaki!"
"But the captain's permit is..."
"Do it now!! The captain is on the battlefield. It's hard to get in contact...!! I will take responsibility. "
So, Akon is about to contact Ichigo for help in Bleach 497.
When you can't solve your problems, the only thing you can do is to ask Ichigo for help? Suddenly I think these shinigami are so lame. Even if Ichigo was there, what could him deal with it? He don't why what's happening neither. He just can keep his Bankai only. You want him fight against them all? That's impossible!
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