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Bleach 487, Azien's subalterns
Bleach 487, in this chapter, Azien’s subalterns showed up, and I am really happy to see them again. Now Azine passed away for so long time, and now I can see the things about Azien, it seems so familiar to me. Aizen is great man, though he is villain at that time, I hope these three subalterns can make another allon. So many fans disappointed about the bleach manga especially the previous arc. I hope to read the arrancar girls in bleach 487 that can give us more bloom things!

About the enemies, most of us have a thought that Kubo is making the enemies sort of Nazi-like people and that there’s been a controversy on Ichigo using a backwards swastika on his Bankai, so what do you have the thoughts about this?

About more chapters of bleach 488, hope this can be more and more great.

This is my personality thoughts, no more things.

If you have different thoughts about it, please tell your thoughts below and we can exchange our thoughts.

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