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БРИГАДА (aka the Russians and brigada)has been the dominant alliance on sever 10. They have not always been number 1 but they have had the best rep per player of any alliance. Their biggest strength has been that they have been very coordinated in attacks and defenses. They have had an uncanny ability to attack while you are asleep which meant many top players would have to truce overnight. They track when people are online through multiple methods: when people talk on WC, track Rep changes, and rumors are they use spies. They have also had a tendacy to target strong players and wear them down. They have always been a tough enemy. This is all history and the БРИГАДА of post merger is going to be very different. They are trying to merge all of S10 against S9 which means an influx of new players. They have also lost several key players to S19. Opa was always the leader they all looked up to but the rumors are that he is staying on S19. Right now it looks like Islicky5 is running the show. Here are some notes on the different players and I encourage other S10 players to add to it. -Neo

Maugli74: He is OL of БРИГАДА. He had the highest rep of any player for quite awhile until recently when he stopped spending as much time on the server. He has taken some hits but he still a good sized army. He should not be underestimated. Most hated player on the server.

Islicky5: He is the current leader of the alliance. Rumor has it that he has more units than any player on S10. I have seen attack waves of 100k BS but he may have closer to 200k BS. Assume he has several hundred thousand, if not millions, of every other unit.

AAA MON: He is a recent addition to БРИГАДА. Despite being on the same alliance for several months, he has rarely said a word. He plays for rep and I am not aware of him taking on active players.

Jh: Recent rep climber to get into the top10. He has been building his forces for months and training up his officers. He has avoided active players. He is a good guy despite playing for БРИГАДА

BullRunner: Recent rep climber to get into the top 10 after everyone left to S19. He had succeeded under the protection of others in his alliance.

Paiza Gold: Same story as Jh and BullRunner.

Opa: Chief of БРИГАДА. He had been the heart and soul of this alliance. He inspires loyalty within the alliance. He has been able to convert enemies to friends. In truth he is a bully and will do what he can to beat lesser players down. He has been known to attack small players until they quit the alliance or the server. He is always on 24/7 Rumors are that he is staying on S19. Second most hated player on the server. UPDATE: He has returned from S19 and joined the russian alliance.

Ninja: He has left БРИГАДА but he might be coming back. He is the Red equivalent with that alliance. He constantly says he is leaving but he is on quite a bit. Likable but maybe not trust worthy. He has seized cities that were completely maxes out by a former alliance member.

Axion: Recent convert from Hunter to БРИГАДА. He has close to 100k BS. He is afraid of losing his army and so he is risk averse.

Dave: Recent convert from Hunter

Minimad: Semiactive player who is splitting time on S19.

Gary NG: Recent addition to БРИГАДА from a different alliance.

GiN: Inactive player who was know to port around the map to attack players.

Kamaka1: Old alliance friend who joined БРИГАДА to unify S10.


Stvorka: Active but an otherwise weak player who gets beaten regularly.

Ace Sniper: Inactive- rumored to be an alt

Black: Inactive as he is spending all his time on S19. He cities are farm targets. He was known to teleport around the map to attack unprotected players. He has diamonds to burn and is not afraid to use them. One trick he would pull is to allow an atack almost reach him and then port into same region and counterattack while your army is away.

Jonesy: Active but not frequent

Ruizao: weak active player

Rewind Tan: new addition to БРИГАДА from another alliance

SiG: Former OL against the БРИГАДА who ended up joining them with Opa's help. Semi-active but on S19.

tvist: no info

Ulises: Inactive

Malcom: no info

e-life: Black's alt

Witterman: No info

Levadi: was Inactive but he has returned to S19

AceDragon: no info

Snowii: Inactive

AceRunner: no info

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