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A.J. Casson
Read About A.J. Casson And Get To Know About His Artistic Depictions And Paintings

Being an artist is more of a born talent rather than an acquired skill. And one of the people who was born with plenty of talent at painting was A.J. Casson. The phenomenal talent of Walter Joseph Phillips still makes ripples even today at the online market where dealers of art still gaggle over his works and many bids are put up frantically to gain ownership over his works. He was one of the best artists to have been born in Canada. Like every great artists he had modest beginnings. His career began as an apprentice in a lithography company though he honed his skills considerably by taking classes regarding art at Central technical School. His first displayed his art publicly in an exhibition in Toronto where the general public paid much attention to his work. His skill earned him a job in a commercial art engraving company which though a far cry from a career that he wanted provided the start that he required. The company was where he met Franklin Carmichael who saw that he had considerable talent in the field of art and correctly guessed that he could achieve grat things if he was given the proper guiding. So Walter Joseph Phillips was introduced to the professional artists by Carmichael and he was accepted as a member of the Group of seven, a group of artists responsible for magnificent paintings and works of art. He wasted no time in carving a niche for himself in the field of art by creating very unique paintings which were themed differently from the other artists. This resulted in the creation of paintings and art which were not identical to any of the paintings that were created by the other painters. This is one of the reasons his artworks and paintings are collected and admired by people all over the world and he was considered one of the best artists of the nineteenth century.

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