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Bleach 484 the qunicy?
About those maked man. Who are they in the bleach 484, the final arc? Are they the final enemy to the soul society and Ichigo? But there is a big thing, it is really an unimaginable thing, they can bankai now too? One dude gets mad at another and loses an arm? These dudes better not be an entirely new entity all together. So far we have suspected them of being quincy, arrancar, and now shinigami.

I wonder if the group itself has members of all these races, or they're all in fact 1/3 hollow/quincy/deathgod in bleach manga. Not sure what to make of this new ice castle dimension either. Well, from what I understand, maybe they have an ability to steal bankai apparently. It's not hard to think from Ichigo's fight and the vice captain comment about them. Also, most people will still wait Kubo tells us the truth.

Does his usual captain's debriefing explaining what he knows about those guys, because I'm still hoping that Sasakibe was just struggling to complete his sentence and didn't actually mean those guys can use bankai. I mean, since when did "bankai" become a verb? If it is true about them having the ability to use bankai and also apparently the ability to make a bankai "vanish," then I don't know what these things are. Maybe what they are has something to do with Aizen's speech about transcendent beings .

wait the Bleach 485 tomorrow, this chapter will be release in the latest manga release.

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