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Itachi,you are the best brother
Who like Itachi? Do you know his likness, his happiness, and his sadness, also include his weakness…

After reading naruto 590.i really feel Itachi is a great person .he tried his best to protect village and his little brother .and bear too much pain and pressure .but when he died ,he says to sasuke ,”that maybe you would have been able to change our Father ,mother ….the uchiha …..”it’s right ,if itachi can change his uchiha family ,the tragic event will not happen .but why itachi can’t do this and says sasuke can complete it ?

We know itachi is a ninja in the dark .he is too Excellent and enter into the dark when he was little .the ninja in the dark is Ruthless .them is trained as a tool to complete the misson .and they all Target is to protect village .that training make them only know using Conspiracy and force to do a job .from heretofore itachi’s lying to sasuke we can see ,itachi only know hate can make sasuke to be stronger and did think of sasuke ‘s Feelings .

Sasuke is different from itachi ,he has friends and teacher ,have some happy time .if he can give up the hate ,he will Exceed itachi .so itachi say that words .just wait naruto to change sasuke …..

[ Naruto 591>http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c591/] will release this week .

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