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why law saved luffy?
Why law saved luffy? One of the opinion from The Law.

We still don't know why he saved Luffy. He said he did it on a whim but I don't think so. No one goes through the trouble of entering a warzone to save someone knowing that there will be powerful Admirals and Shichibukai just because he felt like it. He seems to care a lot about Luffy. He saved him from dying. Seriously if he wasn't there, Luffy would be dead and the story would be over. He's a pretty important character because of that. And also he chose not to explore the New World and wait until Luffy makes his return. I wonder what his motives are. The questions just keep piling up with him especially when we found out he requested to be a Shichibukai. I think this arc would be very important and will answer all those questions hopefully.

one piece 665 will be released next week.

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