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Bleach 490 is break this week.
Bleach 490 is break this week, read it on the next week.


funny plots in bleach manga chpaters/

About bleach manga, I have to say, all the person here, are models, and their poses are really pretty. Kubo-Sama really has good taste. Let’s see bleach 476, in page 8, you will see the four captains are going to leave the black hole, good poses. Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Hisugaya, Byakuya, I have to say, if they go to the modeling, I think they must attract thousands of fans, really cool.

Ok, let’s go to the themes, Ichigo and Ginjou’s fighting.

In bleach 476, Ichigo used his new bankai to fight with Ginjou, and at last page, Ichigo struck Ginjou, and the struck seemed awesome, ginjou was bounded. But before the fighting, ginjou said he owned another power, and he seemed not use all of his power. And it’s hard for me to believe that ichigo beat him down so easily. But about this struck, I think kubo just want to show Ichigo’s new bankai’s power. Their battle, the highest point, will be in bleach 477.

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