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Naruto 579 spoilers [MH]
Naruto 579 spoilers!!! * *Naruto 579 **Predictions&Discussions!!! *Naruto 578 has been released now!!!*

the artical is from mangahere on manga spoilers.

**Naruto 579* Spoilers Summaries:**





白蛇仙人の力を手に入れたみたいで蛇から脱皮し 龍へと昇華したらしい。

Kabuto becomes a full form snake.
Itachi and sasuke uses susanoo.
Apparently Kabuto has white snake sennin mode.
Kabuto has the ability of suigetsu and karin’s.
Big news everyone.karin is an uzumaki.
Kabuto avoids susanoo’s arrow attack.
Kabuto has already surpassed orochimaru.
Kabuto uses white snake sennin modes ability,which allows him to change his skins and appearances.
Kabuto turns into a dragon.

Naruto 579 will be released soon.

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