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ATV Loan at Utah Money Store
Getting a Title loan on your ATV Loan is a smart and affordable way to go. All Title loans are half of the Interest if not more, of a Signature or Cash Advance Loan. The reason is because we hold the collateral. Because we hold the ATV in our garage we can loan up to 75% of the value of your ATV. Before you submit an application for an ATV loan, it is best to determine the type of financing that is the best for you. You should ask yourself; do I have good credit or bad credit?

If you have bad credit, it is best to concentrate your efforts on applying with ATV lenders that specialize in bad credit. If you have decent credit you can typically find no-hassle unsecured personal loans online, although your local bank or dealer may also provide some ATV finance options.
In the marketplace today, private label credit card financing is growing fast as a way to finance ATVs. One item to consider when you get ATV financing is add-on items and if you want to include ad-on items in your loan. Add-on items come in a variety of forms such as ATV accessories, pre-paid maintenance, extended protection and gap insurance.

That means that once you step foot through our doors you cash will be handed to you in 10-15 minutes. No long drawn out applications or paper work to bring in. Quick cash is our motto and we take that seriously. Call for details on this excellent title loan. It will save you money in the long run over traditional loans. Basically you are borrowing money against your ATV. You bring in your ATV and a clean title (meaning no other lien holder) and we can do your loan within 10 minutes. It is that quick and easy. Whether you decide on a personal installment loan or a private label credit card most lenders allow you to include add-on items in your loan amount. As a result, when submitting your ATV loan application, make sure you have considered these items in the purchase price of your ATV and the loan amount you are requesting.
As we help you with your loan we will strive to be friendly, yet very courteous with your time. We treat each loan with a quick yet professional flare. You will like the respect you get with our knowledgeable staff.

There is quick and easy steps :

STEP ONE - APPLY Fill out an application on line or over the phone. Give us a call.

STEP TWO - Come in to our Store You will need a few simple things. The list is short and you can finish this step in under 20 minutes. Just bring or fax us what we need and we'll get to work immediately for you!


Call to find out about ATV loan rates and different financing options and you’ll be out on the trails in no time.
Why not get started immediately? Call now to get your ATV title loan started and get your loan fast! It is that simple. What are you waiting for? Call now!

SANDY, UT (801) 748-1175
PROVO, UT (801) 373-2274
SPANISH FORK, UT (801) 798-1300

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