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IStock Clone in Magento
IStock Clone in Magento : *If you are a image lover or photographer You must be aware of some very popular sites like Istock ,Getty images ,99 designs etc . Even you are image lover or want to create such sites its quite easy with magento and you can sell the images by *Magento customer partner* Module.

*How can we Create Clone of Istock in Magento *: The most tricky part in such site is user can upload the images + e-commerce part
*1 - User management *: User Management is very handy if you are using Magento customer partner module . This module is so awesome just install it and thats it . All the user management is governed by this extension.
*2 -* *Product Image management: *image management will be governed by magento's products option like you can assign the image as downloadable product means user can only download the image if he paid for them.

Magento is a rich feature eCommerce platform which is built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality and many more of their eCommerce store.
It needs stock images to use in products catelogue for eCommerce templates for displaying the various type of images.
Sometime we build a few eCommerce templates but have not idea where we can find sample images to use as dummy Product Images. If we decide to deploy our templates to a live server, since we are not a photographer then how can we get high quality images of the products so we made without taking the pictures ourself and any stock photo libraries for product catelogues for eCommerce websites. It depends on what we're trying to do exactly. Are we creating templates for a specific niche? I.e. we like cell phones? Or do we want to make more generic templates that appeals to a broader audience. One thing we have to be careful of is copyright. Far too many times you see people making templates and using any image they want. The appeal of a template is largely in part to the images used. When we purchase a template, it never comes out the same because you aren't using the same images. So we are using someone else's work to enhance our own and is the same thing as putting someone's image on product packaging.
If we want product specific images, the best bet would be to go to the sites you want, for example, Samsung if doing electronics and send them a contact message asking them their terms for usage of their products. They may not give you license to use them in templates but we can try. We know for a fact many cell phone manufacturers have open usage for their images to retailers because we're buying and selling their products. In your case we aren't so it might not be the same.

iStock have a demanding requirement for multiple stores, multi-currency & multi lingual websites all being managed from 1 database. Magento is a perfect match for their needs giving them the functionality, scalability & reliability their business demands.

Magento customer partner extension is an awesome module by which you can convert your magento store in to proper sale purchase site with tons of other options please find the documentation for complete information.
★ -Customer can upload the product
★- Admin can assign customer to partner
★ -Partner can assign all of his product
★ -Separate partner profile page
★- Checkout mail to partner and customer
★- Partner can assign the product category from the customer partner front-end
IStock Clone in Magento is the place to store, create and share photos and videos for life. Upload all your best pictures, images, graphics, icons, and videos and share them by email or link them to your favorite sites like Facebook and Twitter. Personalize your photos by using our photo editor or make slideshows to share with friends. Join our large community by entering competitions or searching our huge photo and video library. Use Photobucket on the Web or on your mobile phone.

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