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Buy Crystal Red Shrimp
Simple Steps To Buy Crystal Red Shrimp And Breed Them In A Correct Manner

Choosing the right kind of crystal red shrimp can be tricky as these shrimps are highly sensitive and react adversely to change. This is because they are a completely bred species and they never occur in the wild. They are actually genetic strains of another species of shrimps known as bumble bee shrimp. Hence there are a wide variety of refined strains of crystal red shrimps which are offered in the market and each of them have their own unique quality and come with different advantages and disadvantages and if you want to buy crystal red shrimp you have to select from them according to your needs. They differ mainly in the tone of their skin. Some of the strains have a pure white body and others have a transparent body. They all require different types of care and environment. The one thing that is common about the different types of crystal red shrimps is that they all require a planted aquarium. Hence if you want to crystal red shrimp for sale you must be prepared to invest in a planted aquarium. Crystal red shrimps can be kept with other small types of fishes in the same aquarium as they do not seem to mind sharing the same food along with other types of fishes. You have to keep the temperature of the water in the range that is suitable for the crystal red shrimp. Because of this it is advisable to keep the crystal red shrimp along with the types of fishes that can tolerate the temperature which is required by the crystal red shrimp. If you are going to crystal red shrimps for the sole purpose of breeding them then you have to make sure that you keep them in a roomy tank and also give them a varied diet. Feeding the crystal red shrimps with a varied diet is essential for them to breed and you have to look after the young shrimps that hatch as they have a high mortality rate.

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