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Petals on Wings Helps Your Dreams Take Flight
Every being on the planet is comprised of energy and individuals who know how to manipulate those frequencies can affect healing of the mind, body and soul. Marsha Bennie, owner of Petals on Wings, utilizes the body’s energy avenues and the power of light to affect change and begin a healing process through Reconnective Healing®. Sessions are also available in The Reconnection®, to assist clients in finding their inherent connection with the universe as a whole.

Bennie is uniquely positioned to offer healing services, with extensive experience in a variety of disciplines. She’s a registered physical therapist, intuitive development teacher, and a Reconnective Healing Practitioner™. Bennie is an interfaith minister and a Reiki Master. She offers a collection of tools, services, classes and techniques through Petals on Wings, LLC that have been gathered to help people make their desires, hopes and dreams a reality.

Petals on Wings specializes in helping clients heal on multiple levels through Reconnective Healing® that re-attunes them to the energies that flow through their bodies and the universe. The Reconnection® activates the healing avenues, allowing for the exchange of energy and light for a total body reintegration.

The multi-talented healer and reader is a motivational speaker of note and on the teaching staff of the online school, the Reiki Awakening Academy. For those seeking guidance in their life from a higher plane, Bennie offers Intuitive readings via Tarot, Angel cards, crystals and rocks, along with runes, ribbons, and roses. Individuals can receive Angel Alignments to help realign and re-attune themselves through angel energy.

Those seeking aid in their professional lives will obtain the knowledge, tools and guidance to find what the universe holds for them, along with a mini Angel reading and Angelic Compass Attunement. Sessions are also available for money and abundance, and utilizing the chakra system. Individuals with the calling to help others can avail themselves of AngelScope® teachings.

Petals On Wings provides Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® services to assist individuals connect and realign themselves with the energies of the universe for health and well-being. Services are provided for individuals, special events, parties and corporate functions. Anyone worldwide can utilize Bennie’s readings and attunements to find peace, happiness and fulfillment for the body, soul and mind.

Fans can follow Bennie on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/public/Marsha-Bennie and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/petalsonwings.

Bennie can be reached by phone at 305-420-6776 or via email at PetalsOnWings@gmail.com.

For more information,

visit the website at


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