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Magento Ajax Cart Basket
Magento Ajax Cart Basket are one of the most frequently used parts on the web. But for a programmer creating them has never been easy.All this will positively influence clients’ experience while using your web store. Webkul goal is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to create their desired cart basket with the minimum number of clicks and as few page-loads as possible. It’s particularly useful if you allow your customers to buy direct from a category or product listing page, so they can add more than one product to their cart without leaving the page. AJAX is a web technology used to send requests in the background, so that user interactions can be processed without having to refresh the page or redirect you to a new page. For an e-commerce website, this can mean a better shopping experience for customers where they can concentrate more on the products which may result in better sales.

Your clients will be able to select such attributes as colour or size, change quantity of products as well as remove them on the fly. This Cart Basket takes a different approach at creating a shopping cart; although technically complex in its execution, it is extremely simple for the user to install. Cart Basket is a very original shopping cart application which enables us to sell items inside any web page without any big code/structure updates. It is used for add to cart using Ajax you can add any number of products in to basket without page refresh and you can remove the products as well .

Key Features for Magento Ajax Cart Basket :

★ All browser compatible(i.e7+,firefox,chrome)
★Automatic conformation window
★Open source
★Sleek display
★Ability to disable AJAX cart for the selected product
★Add any number of products (please see the demo)
★ Run time product edit and update (please see the demo)

Another factor is perception. If the user interface on the shopping cart responds to every interaction without delay, the customer is more likely to buy. With EasyBasket you can quickly insert a shopping cart anywhere on your web page with a single line of code. No need to install a database or a dozen class files. It allows you to quickly and easily add items to your shopping cart, so that you no longer have to wait until the page is reloaded. Instead, after you click "Add to Cart", a small pop-up window will appear and let you go to the basket or continue your shopping. Google Checkout and PayPal Checkout are integrated into the code, all you need to do is change the credentials and your cart is ready to go. Even for a few items the programmer has to create a database and other support files to create a functioning shopping cart. The extension comes with default styling in line with the default Magento website design, but comes with its own CSS to allow it to fit in with any design.

The key to successful e-commerce selling is effectively moving your customers on to the first step of the buying process : Adding items to the Magento Ajax Cart Basket . Prior to this update, when adding to the cart, you’d be automatically redirected to the basket page and you’d have to click continue shopping to get back to where you were on the store. The main functions of the cart will be adding/removing items to the basket without the need of refreshing the page & displaying the actions with effects.

To want complete detail about this product click here Magento AJAX Cart Basket

Want Demo click here http://magento.virginsoft.net/index.php/mage-cart-pro.html

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