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Consumer Energy Alliance

Indication The Keystone Pipeline Petition In The Consumer Energy Alliance

Most of us are sick of rising gas prices. In most cases we have no say in these types of situations and have to sit there and take it. But now there is a viable alternative to the rising cost of Middle Eastern oil. We can finally put our collective voices to work and encourage the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline. By now you have probably heard of the Keystone XL Pipeline project that will bring crude oil from the Canadian province of Alberta to Texas refineries. But many Americans are unaware of the many benefits of the Keystone pipeline. It is essentialfor you to know that this project is ready to start creating jobs and would involve us increasing the amount of oil we import from our Canadian allies. So, yes what you are thinking is right. When the Keystone Pipeline gets constructed we will go a long way in decreasing our dependence on imports from the Middle East and other unstable regions of the world.

The Keystone pipeline will create jobs in Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas during construction. The Keystone XL pipeline will also do wonders for the economy with the amount of jobs it will create. TransCanada, the Canadian company that will construct the pipeline, estimates that 13,000 Americans would get jobs building the pipeline itself not to mention the 7,000 manufacturing jobs it would create the U.S. economy as well. TransCanada also predicts that areas located along the pipeline will receive a serious economic boost and that their will be 118,000 or so spin off jobs created as a result of the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. You are in all likelihood wondering what the hold up is in approving this project. We wonder as well. There are a lot of us who would like to decrease our dependency on oil imports from the Middle East and create jobs in the process, which is why the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) created the Keystone Pipeline petition. The CEA has had over 450,000 people write in favor of the Keystone Pipeline so far, and you can be one of those who join the crusade to get this Consumer Energy Alliance project under construction. Just make your way over the Keystone Pipeline Petition website. If you're serious about holding down the price of gas, sign the Keystone Pipeline Petition and join the Consumer Energy Alliance mailing list.

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