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OK guys merger info and FYI.

The dates are on the Home page, remember them. When the server first comes up expect LOTS of scounting activity. That is why I have said you MUST has a bunch of scouts for the merger. Also when the merger comes up I will reform Dominion right away. If you get to the server and I am not on please TEXT me to tell me it is up so I can create the alliance. My cell is 720-201-7515.

Dont be in a rush to join the alliance in the first minutes. If you are not in an alliance players have to delcare on you wish has a nice 4 or 8 hour delay. When you first get on the server you should do the following:

  1. Locate all of your cities!
  2. Come here and post your locations
  3. Find large players near you. Look around the map!
  4. Find out where you want to be located. Talk to other alliance members, look on this WIKI.
  5. Move your cities to where you want to be using the Advanced Resettle Plan. I would save a few resettle plans if you can.

I have a cluster of cities on S9 near 54:61. I have been able to fight LARGE players off because of my huge forces there. However dont cluster ALL your cities in the same spot. I suggest you settle near an alliance member or two for mutual protection.

Dominion will RULE the server!!

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