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How To Make Quick Money Selling Gold
Selling gold at gold parties is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to raise money during the current recession.

A gold party is similar to a Tupperware party - people come together at a host's home (office, charity event) and have their gold tested and appraised by a gold expert.

When a guest decides where to sell gold, they get paid in cash and party host receives a commission for each sale, usually around 10%.

Even people who do not possess any gold of their own can make money by just hosting a gold party and inviting friends and family members to sell gold. If they can get in touch with a reliable buyer, or someone who is an authority in valuing gold, guests would be more confident of getting a fair price for their jewelry.

First of all, sellers need to know the purity of their gold jewelry mentioned in karats. Pure gold is too soft for making jewelry, and it is often combined with different metals to enhance its durability and to achieve different hues. 14 karat gold would mean 14 parts of gold mixed with 10 parts of other kinds of metals. The higher the karat number of the gold, the higher its purity and therefore the higher its value.

Different jewelry items have different karat values. Therefore, sellers need to segregate their different kinds of jewelry before valuation. Some buyers might try to weigh jewelry of different karat values together and then pay for the lowest karat value. So it is important for hosts to notify their guests of this practice.

A responsible host also needs to verify the credentials of the. This would ensure that attendees get the right price for the gold and silver sold at the party.

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