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Build your online business with Link Wheel strategy
Online presence with a website is not just enough for revenue generation on the internet market as the online traffic is attracted more by the websites that rank on first pages of the search engines. These first page rankings can be achieved with search engine optimization by experts in the industry that follow different techniques out of which the most prominent one is the link wheel strategy. This strategy helps to build effective back links to the original sites with the help of web 2.0 sites like squidoo, blog posts, wordpress etc being linked to the main site through posting unique content and back links on them.

The sites are linked in such a manner that each web 2.0 sites come with two links where one is linked to the main site in the hub while the other one to the next web 2.0 site hence completing the link wheel formation with a hub in the center that work effectively in gaining page rankings on the search engines.

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