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Green Dot Credit Card
Things To Know To Estimate My Credit Score Through Green Dot Credit Card Services

If you want to know about your credit score using Green Dot credit card services, then you should know some information. This information should be provided in the form they have provided in order to calculate your credit score this article is mainly written in order to provide the information you needed to calculate your credit score using Green Dot credit card features. First of all, you should know how many credit cards you are currently having. Only when you know the number of credit cards you have, you will be able to calculate the credit score of you. You might have got your first loan amount years ago. But, you should know the year in which you got your first loan in order to estimate your credit score accurately. You should also know the statistics of the number of loans as well as credit cards you have applied in the past one year. This will make a huge difference in your credit score. You should also know how many of your loans have current balance. The percentage of how much your current credit card occupies in the total dues of all your credit cards have a significant impact over your credit score and you should be well clear in that. If you had ay bankruptcy or repossession or tax lien or any other related problems, you should have a list of it as well as the information like when those problems have occurred. Even though this information may reduce your credit score, it will give you an accurate estimate of your credit score. You should also know the list of all balances and loan amounts excluding the ones you have made mortgage. If you know all these pieces of information, then you can go to the form which Green Dot credit card features has provided and you can calculate your credit score.

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