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Magento Homepage Slideshow
Magento Homepage Slideshow is fully configurable and with a lot of options. Fortunately, you don’t have to modify any of the layout files, or add it to your head.html file. CMS pages in Magento allow you to modify the layout XML specific to that page. You can also enable this homepage slideshow on your word press site by placing code snippet in your template PHP file. A simple to use and highly customize ably Magento slideshow plug-in. Features include ability to show in full screen, use touch devices and self-configuring status bar. You can use this module in multiple instances on a page. The beauty of this slide show module is the rounded corners can be configurable. Magento Homepage Slideshow is an awesome magento module with unlimited features like image manipulation , animation effect , animation speed etc. Slideshows work by displaying one image after another, often with accompanying text and headings. Slideshow and content sliders have really become a popular trend lately in web design thanks to solutions like Magento that make it relatively easy to add such interactions.

Animation on the front end it is very eye-catching way for visitors to see some important info about your featured news, products, articles! Magento has very wide range of settings which make you able to customize it. It can fade or slide images with or without headings and text. So using the MH Slideshow you can build your own unique site view. This is module that really helps your website make a strong first impression. Slideshows can be used on Magento either via a module or by editing templates. Magento Homepage Slideshow is Magento native module. Magento Template showcases corporate, almost enterprise-like look & feel for use on your Magento Community Edition e-commerce store. CMS pages in Magento allow you to modify the layout XML specific to that page. You can set your slideshow to fade from one image to the next and change the fading time and fading slideshow duration. It has reinvented buttons, category grid, very advanced homepage slideshow, content-rich homepage and more.

Here are some brilliant feature of Magento Homepage Module :

★ No Flash , fully java script based
★ working in all modern devices like ions and android
★ 20+ animation effect
★ Unlimited image support
★ width and height fully customizable
★ Inbuilt WYSIWYG editor

Why we use Magento Magento is an open source eCommerce solution : It comes with a variety of tools, necessarily for building a successful online shop. Magento supports installation of modules through a web based interface accessible through the administration area of a Magento installation. You can prepare a group of image in a Homepage Slideshow manner and give proper outlet to your design.

It has reinvented buttons, category grid, very advanced homepage slideshow, content-rich homepage and more. Slideshow is innovative way of displaying images, sliding titles and descriptions will make you forget about boring and simple headers. We provide free support for all our software, if you would like help with this or any of our Magento modules. Magento HomePage Slideshow allows you to quickly and easily display a selection of images and transition between them.

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To want complete detail about this product click here Magento Homepage Slideshow . Want Demo click here http://bigdot.in/customerpartner/magento/home-page-slideshow/

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