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Meds for Anxiety and Depression
One of the worst ways in which you can intensify an anxiety-filled life is by procrastinating. Now there's a habit that can turn a normal life into an anxiety filled one. If you are one of those people who refuse to get to handling an unpleasant task until they are too close to the deadline, try tricking your mind into thinking that the unpleasant task is easily managed. Break it down into smaller tasks and get it done. You'll be proud of yourself in a way that can easily help with your anxiety.

When your mind gets on that endless treadmill worrying about something feeding its anxiety, trying how to calm anxietyby thinking about more pleasant things. Try not to do things that put your mind into autopilot - such as watching TV or driving. Do things that actually need you to be on your toes mentally over time, and you could be in better shape in no time.

It's a kind of paradox in psychiatric medicine - a drug that's used to treat a certain disorder ends up causing the very symptoms it is supposed to erase. It's a quality shared by popular drugs like Zoloft and Celexa that are used to treat both depression and anxiety. On the way to helping you, these sometimes also end up causing anxiety. People often wonder how this is possible.

It was around a half-century ago that researchers first noted how antidepressants also had the effect of helping with anxiety. The only problem there was, that antidepressants don't have this unintended effect in everyone. Only some people experience them.

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