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Young people wearing out their joints more quickly
A footballer tripping and falling on his knee and hurting it can look forward to having it come back in very serious form decades later. It used to be that you never saw anyone with a knee joint pain or arthritis before the age of 60. These days, with young people wearing out their joints more quickly than ever before, doctors often see arthritis complaints in people in their 30s. This could easily double over the next 20 years. If you want to do your part right now and protect your joints before you wear them out, you would be doing your wallet a big service, and you would also be doing the nation a special favor helping cut medical costs. If you have joints that are okay today or maybe just a little troublesome, here's what you need to do to have arthritis be one more strange disease out there that you never have to know about. We should be aware on %%**%%how to prevent arthritis before it's too late.

Weight plays an important part in how quickly your knee joints wear out. The more you weigh, the more your body weight presses down on the cartilage in your knees. It isn't just your body weight the knee takes either; each time you take a step, your body weight crashes down on it with extra force, usually five times what you weigh. So if you happen to be overweight by 10 pounds, that's 50 pounds hammering down on your knees - for no reason. There are studies that show that two out of three knee replacement procedures done are on overweight people. And also, probably because women have hormonal problems to deal with come menopause, women's knees have a harder time putting up with obesity. The good news is, that even shedding 10 pounds helps a woman lower her risk of knee joint pain and the arthritis it leads to, by half.

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