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MarketPlace in Magento
*MarketPlace in Magento: *Now a day’s every store and shop vendors need market place for their business. It is good for us because we are in Magento Age. Magento makes it very easy and flexible and provide all possible e-commerce services.*

*How to Create Marketplace in Magento :Magento Customer Partner provides you the functionality through which your partner can add their product, update their product, manager their product and can do many things. It is very handy to use and good solution for marketplace.

Magento Customer Partner module convert your magento store in to an e-bay Kind of store .Customers of store can upload and sell their products.

The marketplace for Magento Solution Partners is a hard-fought one we’ve seen the Magento platform gather pace rapidly since it came to fruition in 2010 and the amount of third-party developers multiply alongside it to match that growth. On our own journey tobecoming a Gold Solution Partner, we’ve had to compete with companies of different shapes and sizes offering varying levels of support, but our core principles of business have always remained consistent at the forefront of our approach:

★Quality Service

★Expert Advice

★Strong Client Relationships

★Unwavering Support and…

★A Flexible Approach

Today’s Magento marketplace requires a developerthat can handle any job, from the several of a global brand to the Magento integration of a local company’s website. We have plentiful experience of both and everything in-between, and we’ll continue to cater to all sizes of client. Our business may carry on growing but the high quality of service that drives it will always remain the same.

Build a Marketplace on Magento:

Webkul and Magento now offer an integrated offering that enables online retailers to easily manage multiple suppliers and create a unified catalog for sale on their Magento storefront. This Webkul will teach you how to effectively combineMagento and Ixtens to create a solution that will enable you to:

*Onboard third-party suppliers

*Manage a unified catalog made up of SKUs from multiple vendors

*Implement a multi-channel approach for micro-site, mobile, etc.

*Remove inefficiencies and redundancies in your catalog creation.

Webkul Marketplace solution for Magento makes managing multi-vendor marketplaces easy by automating communication, and giving the marketplace owner powerful tools to sell a unified catalog. It also provides each supplier with their own ‘seller central’; account, enabling them to manage their own inventory and orders directly.

Clients can take full advantage of Magentos powerful store features and benefit from a deep integration between their wholesale suppliers’ catalogsand their product details in Magento. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webkul.

The Merchants Dream More Profit, Less Inventory Risk

*Offer your customers complementary products

*Easily test new productsand suppliers

*Outsource low-turnover product inventory

Marketplaces: A Definition

★Third-party suppliers

★Unified catalog

★Single basket

★Data ownership

Our Offering How You Benefit★Up-to-date inventory

*Accurate product matching

*Standardized taxonomy

*Limited backorders

*Custom-branded fulfillment

*End-to-end customer experience

The Webkul Marketplace solution allows merchants to:

★Increase average cart size without adding inventory

★Upsell and cross-sell more items by offering customers a wider selection of products, brands and suppliers

★Test new products and suppliers without making an inventory investment

★Receive consistent, standardized product information from diverse suppliers

★Automatically route orders to the optimal supplier

Magento merchants can reach out to their account representative to learn how they can seamlessly integrate Webkul.

The question which may be arises is that, how we can use it? *So, the complete documentation is given *Here, for the answer.

You can see the demo for the awesome module Magento Customer Partner here,

There is an easy to use product, MarketPlace in Magento, which is launched by Marketplace in Magento as a customer partener .

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