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Magento Product Image Gallery
Magento Product Image Gallery: It is a brilliant concept for adding a gallery for product page . This module will convert your addition product images as per the slideshow / gallery style.

Product Image Gallery extension replaces native Magento product image gallery with Web feature rich image gallery which includes automatic slideshow option and keyboard controls. Image Gallery is even smoother than Lightbox image gallery replacement for Magento.

Magento Product Image Gallery for Magento adds the ability to manage Images Gallery, Product Imagess Showcase, Image Slider and help you to associate multi Images with Magento products. We all know that images sell products. With Magento Product Image Gallery extension you will attract your customers to what you sell, displaying photos with beautiful effects and providing a far much convenient and attractive tool to view images. Now instead of simple display or products’ images you will have a beautiful multi-effect rotating gallery for each of your products. Your standard image display on product's pages will be substituted with this modern attractive gallery. Now products pages will have several beautiful rotation effects for all images of the product. Your customers will be able to view auto-rotation, rotate images forcibly, view larger images on hover and on click, switch the rotation off.

Magento Product Image Gallery module is super slick and useful and there having some features:
★ All browser working.
★ Java script based slider no flash (so working on all modern devices like ios/android).
★ Fully automatic.
★ Admin driven. Product image and thumbnail image size settings
★ Automatic slideshow option
★ Automatic repositioning of the image in the browser window
★ Easy to install and use
★ 100% Open Source

Using images of consistent quality, size, and proportion gives your catalog that professional look and commercial appeal. Another best practice is to establish a naming convention for your files, and organize them so you can find the originals if you ever need them. The Magento Product Image Gallery is designed to manage images for a single product. If you have many images to upload, you will find it more efficient import them. To learn more, see the Product Images. Images need to be sized specifically according to their Magento store location in order to pull this off. Had the opportunity to find a really greatMagento Product Image Gallery. The documentation on the developer site is really good but there is alot of it, so I thought I would just run through how this extension will help you Control Your Magento Product Image Gallery.

You in admin area will choose the rotation effect you prefer, the color scheme for gallery, should the automated rotation be activated or not. You will also be able to set size for your gallery. Magento Product Image Gallery for Magento allows you to add Thumbnail, Small, and Base images in Magento Product Image Gallery. All images that you add will be displayed under Image Galery below the product grid and you will be able to see them on the product page of your site unless you choose to exclude it.

If you want to complete demo click here http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/catalog/product/view/id/12851/

Magento Product Image Gallery is useful for creating tabs in cms pages with a very easy way. For complete product demo click here DEMO

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