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What To Know About Mosquito Deterrent

Warm weather is on its way. After months of being cooped up in the house to keep warm, you are looking forward to warm days and cool nights. Unfortunately, so are those pesky mosquitoes. Does this mean that you have to live in fear of the summertime foes? No, it does not. There are ways to deal with the problem through mosquito deterrent methods.

Mosquitoes are attracted to various things an individual does and even what an individual wears. Curiously, the color of clothing plays an important part in mosquito attraction. Wearing dark clothes seems to appeal to mosquitoes, while wearing light-colored clothes seems to keep them away.

Another way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to search your yard for breeding areas. If there is any place where water is collected and left standing, the mosquitoes will find a new home to live in and happily multiply. So, take a look around your yard for items such as rubber tires, flowerpots, wheelbarrows, and anything else that can catch rain, or water from your lawn sprinklers, and dispose of them.

Mosquito-repelling granules are another effective pest control for mosquitoes preventing mosquitoes from breeding in garden ponds, tree holes, rain barrels, old tires, and anything else that has standing water you cannot dispose of.

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