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Heat Up Your Senses With This List of Erotic Movies
Let your imagination go wild and your senses on high with a list of these erotic films that would surely heat you up. While you may have heard of some of them there are a few that you might have missed so be sure to check them out the next time you are looking for some hot films to pass up your time.

First on the list is the 2004 British movie entitled 9 Songs. If you are a fan of rock music and unadulterated sex, this would surely be up to your standards. Stars Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley reveals a few passionate love making scenes uncut. The lead actors can be seen doing unsimulated sex scenes with graphic display of foreplay and masturbation, fellatio and other obscene contents. The film was faced with a lot of controversy as to whether the real portrayal of sex between the actors can still be considered as artistic or whether it is bordering into the area of pornography. The 2007 Japanese film entitled Adultery Addiction: Sensual Daze stars the sultry Sakurako Kaoru. This movie surely sizzles with sexual content and a lot of nude exposures from the casts. If you don’t think erotic films can be included in award giving bodies then make an exemption for this one because the movie won silver at the 20th annual Pink Grand Prix and the lead actress awarded as the 2nd place Best Actress on her performance. If you want to get a full list of erotic movies click on this link.

9 ½ Weeks is an erotic drama film released in 1986 which reveals a story of a Wall Street arbitrageur and a SoHo employee engaged in a very passionate sexual relationship and showing many sexy and teasing scenes between the actors. Although the film was not that appreciated by the U.S. audience, it acquired worldwide recognition gaining a very profitable income of $100 million.

There are a lot of Japanese erotic films and a few good examples are A Saloon Wet with Beautiful Women which was released in 2002; Adultery Diary: One More Time While I’m Still Wet released in 1996; A Snake of June shown in 2002; A Woman Called Sada Abe in 1975; Absolutely Secret: Girl Torture in 1968; Adulterous Wife’s Dirty Afternoon released in 2003; Anarchy in Japansuke in 1999 and a few more. All these films might have severe sexual contents even to the point of being considered pornographic but these would have provided a few awards and achievements from several award giving bodies to both the actors and the people behind the camera. Aside from the seductive and the arousing scenes depicted in the film, All About Anna speaks of a love lost and the attempt of one person to give in to her desires and the pleasure she gets from an active sex life while trying to avoid committing into a serious relationship. Gry Bay, the lead actress sure is a hot temptress and a woman who enjoys sexual affairs because her heart was broken by her true love. This movie shows how is it to risk falling in love and how to face your fears of commitment. This erotic drama would surely be worth your time.

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