Pornography in Cinematography
Is there a line in film cinematography which delineates between the necessities to depict a sexually explicit scene in order to attain the whole understanding of the movie or is it just an alibi to promote soft pornographic materials to invade the mainstream movie industry? Prior to the creation of motion pictures in the 90s, the distribution of pornographic movies were only done through underground connections. There are not much video stores with X-ratings on their racks made available to the public. Films with explicit sexual content were a taboo and the acquisition of such materials is done in secret.

But contrary to that time, erotica films and pornographic films are now just a common thing not only for adults but also the younger generations. The graphic sex scenes between the characters in the film are barely an issue anymore. These films are used to stimulate the senses of the viewers and awaken their sexual desires through a display of continuous acts with very heavy sexual contents between the actors and the actresses in the movie.

Although there are movie review boards who determine whether these films can be brought to the public for viewing or not, there are still independently made short movies that are distributed without their approval. One example of a heavy erotica movie is 9 Songs. Despite very explicit contents such as unsimulated sex between the two leads with a few shots of oral sex, on scene ejaculation, fellatio, masturbation and other very sexually graphic foreplay, this UK film received a go signal from the review board to continue with the public screening. Get a list of erotic movies here.

The movie was released on May 16, 2004 initially in the United Kingdom. It was also shown in Australia with an R rating after their initial response to giving it an X preventing the sale and the showing of the said film in theatres. But it was banned altogether in South Australia. New Zealand also has some issues with the movie. It was kept out from being shown in cinemas by the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards until it was given permission by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. It was also given some attention in Netherlands where it was broadcasted by VPRO in June of 2008.Although the people in Europe and America are already considered liberal-minded, nothing beats Japan in distributing and widely maintaining an active production of erotic films. Even when the rest of the world is still wary of these kinds of films, Japan has already been producing thousands of these films for the public. There is the Apartment Wife: Affair in the Afternoon which was released in 1971, A Woman Called Sada Abe in 1975 and Absolutely Secret: Girl Torture shown in 1968 to name a few. Even if these Japanese films belong to the pornographic genre, there were many lead roles and off cam production crews who were given recognition and received a few awards for either their portrayal of the character, the direction of the film, or other production efforts.

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