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Extended and Distributed Cognition Group
The goal of the group is to help in writing a white paper on distributed and extended cognition as related to goals of SINTELNET:

We want to have a rough draft by September, where the first review of SINTELNET by EU officials is planned. I think 9 thousand words would be the wordcount that we should have by then, and around 15-20 thousand would be the final version.

The purpose of the state-of-the-art whitepaper is to survey the research on extended cognition that is relevant for SINTELNET. Of particular interest are the subject areas such as:

  • (1) the extended nature of action and agency, in particular in collective action;
  • (2) the cognitive nature of interactive communication;
  • (3) group attitudes or collective intentionality;
  • (4) social and technical reality of cognitive structures;
  • (5) social interaction as supporting cognitive processes.

Instead of reviewing theoretical vindications of the field of extended and distributed cognition, the paper will survey the empirical results obtained. Ideally, it should list the key results and publications. By reviewing the relevant research, the whitepaper should also identify the key challenges, including, but not limited to, integration with cognitive neuroscience, general cognitive architectures, and theoretical unification of results in various fields, such as systems neuroscience, social psychology, intercultural psychology, cognitive anthropology, and behavioral ecology. Also, the risks of inadvertent duplication of research effort (and not taking into account of what has already been done) should be taken into account.
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