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Know Some General Information And Saml And How It Offers Solutions To SAML SSO

Security Assertion Markup Language is shortly termed as saml sso. This SAML is based on XML and it is publically available for the purpose of authorization and authentication of data in between the security domains such as service provider and identity provider i.e. in between the consumer and producer of assertions. OASIS security services technical committee has introduced this product. The one and only problem which single sign on is seriously trying to work out on the problems which are held due to SAML SSO which is termed as Single Sign-On and it also the addresses the problems which occurs due to Open ID protocol. Abundant of solutions are available for sso especially at the intranet level but these solutions cannot be extended beyond the intranet level as it is a problematic one. This will only lead the solutions to propagate the proprietary non-interoperable technologies. The assumption of the user of SAML is to enroll themselves with at least one identity provider. The user will expect the identity provider to provide all the local authentication services that are required by him. The local services will not be specified by the SAML with regard to implementation in fact they will also not take proper care on how the local authentication services are being implemented. But the individual services will surely implement these factors. This implies that the service provider has to completely rely on the identity provider in order to indentify their principals. Based on the request of the principal the SAML assertion will be passed by the identity provider to the service provider. On the whole the service provider will be able to make the access control decision with regard to the SAML SSO only based on this assertion. The above said information will give a brief explanation on what is the SAML and how it functions.

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