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Magento Multi Tabs
Magento Multi Tabs *

Multi Tabs is a simple, but powerful Magento plugin. With Magento Multi Tabs, you can display several types of content in smooth changing tabs. You can display modules, by type or position, articles and custom content.
To use the tabs, you just need to enter some plugin code in your articles to render the tabs.

*Example :
★Module Positions Code
★Module Type Code
★Categories Code
★Sections Code
★Article ID Code
★Custom Code

It is a good way to make your store look modern. Once installed this Magento tab extension it is a great way to make happy your customers, search engines and you!

Customers are happy as they no longer scroll product page down and down to read description. All is organized into modern-looking tabs. And one more thing here is that depending on settings you select your customers will no more need to click tabs – they will change on hover.Once Magento Multi Tabsinstalled this extension will create tabs of any layout structure for your products. And no need to design and style – the extension includes several style themes and design palettes for each of them. With onhover effect you do not loose valuable clicks of your clients (let your customers click when they purchase your products, not when they view them). You do not need to manage the size and quantity of tabs – when there are plenty of tabs scrolling arrows will appear automatically (left and right).

Here are some brilliant features of the module :

★Add any number of tabs
★Add any number of images from wysiwyg editor
★Fully admin configurable
★All browser working
★Easy CSS

Multi Tabs provides features to handle multiple tabs at once, for example, close them, reload them, and so on. When you press the mouse button and dragging over tabs, they will be selected. (Note: The tab will be just moved, if you move the mouse quickly. To start selection, you have to keep the button pressed and wait for a while.) After you release the button, the popup to choose command will be shown. Of course, you can toggle selection by Ctrl-click on each tab and call features from the context menu. Yes, the behavior looks like Excel.
This extension depends very much on the template you have on Magento. Based on the information from the template the tabs are formed. As there are plenty of templates, each having a different layout and not all of them meeting the default Magento logic, some templates prevent Tabs extension from displaying correctly. This is neither the fault of the template not the extension, yet as they are sub-dependent the template should be adjusted a bit sometimes to make them work together. It will not change the design and look, and at the same time allow Tabs extension form the tabs correctly.

If editing on page with multiple content areas, the WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit each content area separately. Click the Edit Content button for the area you wish to edit. The Page Sections bar displays buttons you can click when you want to edit other sections. This tool is designed to provide a simple and convenient way to perform light edits. The WYSIWYG editor does not support complex formatting options, particularly for tables. If you require features not available in this tool, you may have to use software designed specifically for architecting web sites.
Predefined styles including several different sizes of headings. This is the preferred way to change the size of text because it retains the font and style settings that were created for the site. All of the styles that the editor uses are paragraph styles, meaning that they are applied to entire paragraphs. This means that you don't have to select all of the text that you want to format you simply click within the paragraph that you want to format and then choose your style from the options available.

Multi Tabs Magento is useful for creating tabs in cms pages with a very easy WYSIWYG editor . To know more about this module or need Demo visit to *Magento Tabs *~**~

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