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Online Legal High Reviews
Legal Highs

The FDA law requires the distributors of legal bud, legal highs or legal herbal smoke to not promote their products or to make claims that their herbal buds produce physiological or psychological effects when smoked. They are not allowed to be labeled as marijuana alternatives, legal highs, legal marijuana alternative, herbal highs or legal cannabis.

THC in Marijuana

Well we can’t say that you get ‘high’ from legal buds as legal herb smokes don’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the element in marijuana that gets you ‘high’. So legal bud isn’t going to give you a ‘legal high’ like cannabis because it doesn’t contain the same chemical compound as the marijuana plant. That being said, legal herbal highs still exist and legal herbal smokes have their own chemical compounds that may enhance the pleasure of smoking in their own way.

Dose Legal Bud get you high?

Legal buds are hybrid plants that have been specifically cultivated to bring out the unique qualities of each bud when smoked. These could include flavor, density and aroma, as well as other pleasant otherworldly results. Legal herbs generally smells better than other smokable products and the rarest of legal bud smokes can be found from distributors who have spent years refining their unique herbal strains.

Lots of people criticize the concept of legal bud and although the smokable herbs that are legally allowed to be sold in the US don’t contain THC, legal buds are basically the same thing. A naturally found herb that is dried out for the purpose of smoking. Tobacco, Weed, Legal Buds…. There is a grey area due to the FDA laws on describing legal buds and the fact that it is very similar to an illegal naturally found plant errr…weed, that is dried out and sold for smoking.

So the main question: Is legal bud worth your money? Depends what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a marijuana/cannabis THC Natural high, you are not going to get it from legal herbs. That being said Legal buds have their own cool and unique qualities when smoked, such as taste and smell. They make great tobacco alternatives, just not THC alternatives.

Passing a drug test after smoking Legal herbal smokes?

Yes, probably as most drug tests look for THC and legal bud doesn’t contain that chemical. So your chances of failing after just smoking legal buds is pretty low.

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