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Why Purchase a Toaster Oven?

*The toaster oven is in essence a niche kitchen tool, but they are on the rise. Recent brands can handle an increasing amount of the functionality traditional ovens can do. Toaster ovens can be handy for such cooking functions as reheating last night’s dinner, warming food and crisping foods that were heated in the microwave. If your preference is leftovers to be soggy, you might as well rewarm it in the microwave. However, if your preference is for a crispy freshness like when you first ate it, warm it up in a toaster oven. In case you're strapped for time you can partially warm it in the microwave and then move it to the toaster oven for a minute or two to crisp it up.

Toaster ovens make valuable cooking ovens, too, and most of them contain settings for broil, roast and bake. Lots of the mid- and high-end ovens include a couple additional effective functions, such as convection cooking and rotisserie. Top brands come with sophisticated sensors to continuously measure temperatures throughout the oven make sure even quality every time.

*Here are some other benefits to reflect on:

  • Even the biggest kinds are small enough that they are the ideal for apartments, small homes and dorm rooms where space is limited
  • Toaster ovens are a lot more energy efficient than regular ovens.
  • Toaster ovens heat up faster than a traditional oven, and the full house won’t get heated up by it.
  • Budget models don’t cost much, even as little as $20, although these generally don’t do much other than toast bread.
  • Higher end models may be quite a bit more costly, but are usually worth every penny. The top ovens can almost completely take the place of your traditional oven while costing just a fraction of the price.
  • Many toaster ovens have a big cooking capacity, and it is quite common to fit six slices of bread, a 12” pizza or even a 9x13 casserole dish within.
  • Toaster ovens are easier to cook with, simpler to clean, and often come with a few accessories for cooking.
  • Finally, toaster ovens tend to be more kid-friendly than a big traditional oven, making them a great way to teach your kids about cooking and baking.

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