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Sex Education can Prevent Vaginal Infection

Any smart parent knows that they can not leave sex education for teenagers up to the school. They will learn some things, but they may not be the things that you hope they know about sex and relationships with the opposite sex. You have your own beliefs and your own ideas, and your teens are going to benefit from hearing from you – not just a teacher at school. Sex education at home can be a long learning process, not just a crash course in how the body works. There is so much more to it than that, and if you don't teach them, someone else will. You may not like what someone else tells them.

Part of sex education for teenagers is now the parts of the male and female body work to make a baby. This is not a hard lesson, and is pretty easy to understand, but is not always easy for adults to talk about. Girls and boys both need to understand how sex leads to babies and what they can do to avoid making a baby before they are out of school and ready to have one with someone they love. The mechanics of sex are only a small part of what your teens needs to learn, however, no matter how much you dislike the rest of it.

Once teens understand how babies are made, they put two and two together to figure out what sex is all about, if you have not already been open with them about what happens. However, there is more to sex education for teenagers. You also have to teach them about sexually transmitted diseases and for most women the vaginal infection . These are a common problem with teens. Your teen may not have a baby, but they could get something that will cause damage that ensures they never have one, or they could get something that makes them very sick. You can not leave STDs out of the talk.

Both boys and girls also have to understand what sex means and what it can do to damage how they feel about themselves and how others view them as well. Don't let your daughter fall for the 'if you love me you will have sex with me line,' and you should also warn your son that they don't want to believe any girl that claims she can not have a baby or that she is on the pill. He has to protect himself not matter what he is told if he thinks the choice to have sex is a good one. Learning about the lies people tell and the pressure they may feel should be a part of sex education for teenagers.

You do not have to go deeply into your own past when you are thinking about how to go about sex education for teenagers in your own home. You can tell them some things, but what you did is none of their business, and they may use it as an excuse to do the same things. No matter how hard you try to impress upon them that they will regret the choices you may have made, they may not get that message. Instead, tell them what you expect of them. That is all that they need to know.

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