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American Idol Net
Details About The American Idol Contestants And The Updated Series Are Described In Detail For Reference

Now the american idol net are under 11th season where many eliminations and performance are crossed with selective contestants and with increased groups of fans. Emmy who was selected and nominated as the host Mr. Ryan Seacrest for the program and the global icon for the series is Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson who is the producer for the program and as a memorable personality of Grammy awarded person who lies in mind forever and the rock legend Mr. Steven Tyler are the members of the programs giving an successful many number of series to cover and impress on the program. Recently american idol 2012 has got 10 Primetime Emmy Award nominations for the reality program on many televisions and has got an history for many number of series with different participants. It was considered as an outstanding television program for the singing competition on the television and for the outstanding Host performance over the shows done by Ryan Seacrest are the selective season for the program to get success compare to other competitive channels or programs etc. Some of the successful results of the program and the series for the last year is the combination of Jennifer as well as Steven and their return back to the series for the year 2012 are the highlights and considered as a positive reflections which wonders the eyes of the participants as well as their fans of the program to create interest more for the subsequent program series. Some of the contestants are like Skylar laine, Elise testone, Colton Dixon, DeAndre Brackensick, Erika Van Pelt, Jermaine Jones, Shannon Magrane, Hollie Cavanagh, Heejun han, Jeremy Rosado, Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet are the recent listed contestants who are listed under the top 11 for the recent results of the American Idol competition rounds. Many updated details are listed under the relative website for the public reference with relative videos and photos and downloads, news, american idol Live of 2011 and 2012, Hollywood Week and with Music on iTunes etc for their fans reference.

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