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Carpet Cleaning Highlands Ranch CO

Carpet Cleaners Highlands Ranch CO

You can rely on Amerclean Cleaning Services for the best carpet cleaning in town, the first time and every time! Established in 1994, we're a family business providing professional carpet and upholstery care, Commercial Carpet Cleaning services for families and businesses in Denver Co and the surrounding areas. Whatever your need, whether is an early morning emergency, an accidental spill, pet problems or simple everyday wear-and-tear, no job is too big or too small, we handle it all.

Our goal is your delight, it's that simple. And, how do we hope to live up to this promise? Well, that's simple, too. By overwhelming you with products and service of uncompromising quality and standing behind everything we do with an equally uncompromising guarantee we hope AmeraClean Cleaning Services becomes the preferred choice for your carpet and upholstery care needs.

A benefit you'll be sure to appreciate is not meeting a stranger at your door every time you call. As the owners and operators, he's the fellow who comes to your door to personally care for your furnishings. We bet you'll appreciate this, too. First, we make appointment times you can live with. None of this "between 9 and 3" stuff to waste your valuable time. Carpet Cleaning Service In Highlands Ranch CO

We'll even arrive on-time and call if we're running behind!

We give you a firm, upfront price without any of the gimmicks, surprises or hidden charges.

We clean your belongings using the safe, effective cleaning methods, and…

Your home and furnishings will be in the care of an experienced industry veteran.

Need a great cleaning? Why not give us a call at 303-337-7888 or 303-306-7474 for your FREE, No Obligation estimate today?

Sure, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to selecting a service company. So, if you have any questions or concerns about our services please don't hesitate to call. We’ll explain everything and answer your questions in plain, easy to understand language. There's never any obligation, never any pressure, and never any games. Never!

In the meantime, please browse through our site. Feel free to call us anytime if you have questions or concerns. We’ll explain everything and answer your questions in plain and simple terms. There's never any obligation, never any pressure, and never any games. We promise!


Roland and Zenova Hockenhull

Upholstery Cleaning The perfect compliment to fresh, clean carpet!

Kids, pets and everyday wear-and-tear are no match for our knowledge and experience. We clean upholstery, mattresses and more! Plus, we do it all safely and effectively. Each piece is carefully inspected to determine the safest and most effective process. We offer methods for both wet and dry cleanable upholstery and in most cases your furniture is ready to use in as few as one to two hours.

Manufacturers enhance the performance of their products with treatments that create an invisible shield to discourage soiling and stains. The demands of everyday life gradually diminish their effectiveness. Restoring that lost protection is easy and affordable and a great way to keep the stain-resistant properties of your carpet and upholstery at peak performance.

When carpets look great they also last longer! And, it's not as hard as you think! A few little things can go a long, long way.

Entrance mats - 75% of the soils in your carpet are tracked-in soils. Using entrance mats inside and outside of doorways will reduce the amount soils tracked onto your carpet.

Vacuuming - Nothing is more important for maintaining your carpet appearance than vacuuming. Dry soil is very abrasive and can actually damage carpet fibers.

Keep food and drinks out of reach of your carpet - Seems too easy, huh?

Clean up spills immediately - The sooner you can get to the spill, the easier it will be to remove. Never scrub, always gently blot the spill. Use a clean white absorbent cloth. Call us if you have any questions. Blot, DON’T scrub! - Be gentle. Don’t scrub it, don’t rub it, don’t be too aggressive or you’ll end up with a permanent and obnoxiously visible fuzzy spot.

House slippers - Body oils from your feet can actually leave your carpet dirty. Rather than walking around with bare feet or in socks you may want to use a pair of house slippers.

Spread the wear around - by periodically rearranging the furniture. It’s a great way to break up your use patterns and spread the wear around more evenly. You’ll see a difference in the long run.

Get off to a good start - A great carpet starts with a great fiber. For longevity, cleaning and comfort, nylon can’t be beat. It’s virtually unanimous among carpet cleaning denver, nylon will outperform olefin and polyester every time. Choose the best nylon carpet your budget will allow.

Professional Cleaning - Have your carpets and upholstery cleaned every 6-12 months and have protectant reapplied every cleaning.

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Carpet Cleaning Denver

Taking care of carpet cleaning in Denver Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Guaranteed !

About Us

Ameraclean is a family run carpet and upholstery cleaning business based in Denver CO.

Our aim is to provide our customers a Carpet Cleaning Denver service that they are 100% satisfied with. Only in this way will we get customer referrals, which every business needs to survive.70% of our business is generated through referrals, and we aim to continue increasing our business in this manner. Here are 7 reasons why you should call " Ameraclean" Now!

1. guaranteed satisfaction with all our services ! We treat your home with respect.

2. We show up on time to do the best carpet cleaning job possible.

3. Our stain TEFLON GUARD is the best on the market so your just cleaned carpets stay cleaner longer.

4. We clean your carpets for a price you can't refuse!

5. Local based carpet cleaning company for local residents anywhere in Denver Metro.

6. We only use Eco Friendly products .

7. Family run Company since 1994.

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