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Community Service Volunteer
Overcoming Selfishness Is A Major Challenge For The Community Service Volunteer Working For Welfare

If every leader in this world were to choose peace over happiness, then there would no longer be any wars or conflicts. Happiness can make us do stuff that we might not do if we were thinking straight. Sometimes the actions that bring us happiness are harmless to others, but then again there are those times where people may be seriously affected because of our search for happiness. Isn’t there anyway out of this? Can we not enjoy the beauties and the pleasantries of this life without having to deprive others of the equal opportunity? There is a way and it is something we have always known. It is the way of peace. The first person that we have to make peace with is ourselves. Making peace with ourselves is an important step to gaining freedom from all bondages. Wishing to change is not the same as deciding to change. There is a difference between a wish and a decision. A decision is backed by will power. A wish is just a fleeting moment. Therefore, in order to achieve something, we must decide and not just wish. We must decide to ourselves once and for all that we would achieve all those things that would give us happiness without hurting others. The best thing about online community service programs is that you could get better all by yourself. A community service agency has to change himself from within in order to see a change outside in the world. This might be difficult if he unknowingly gets into the field first. But being a community service volunteer, he would know that there are more than one ways to serve the people. With the help of the online service programs, the community service volunteer could make a real change to the society.

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