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Conflict Resolution
Managing The Alcoholics In The Office Premises By Using The Ideas In The Conflict Resolution

It is a great challenge for the official administrative people to face the problems with the drug addicts or alcoholics who consume alcohol beyond the limit and enters into the production unit or in an engineering plant. They would know that they would not manage their work when they are under the influence of the alcohol but at the same time they would not also put absent when they are taking such drinks. They would be beyond normalcy and they would wantedly go for argument with their colleagues in the office. There after the issue would be informed to the higher officials who have knowledge in solving the conflicts and have the ideas in the Conflict resolution methods. They would first of all meet the concerned person who has started the quarrel with the co staff after consuming the alcohol. The higher officer would take him to the medical personnel to prove that the person was under the influence of the alcohol and once it is proved then the person would be punished in many ways. The training in the Nicholson Facilitation gives courage and ideas to the person who is dealing with such cases. At some times the oral quarrel would convert into a physical attack and sometime, the workers would use the weapons which are used in the production unit. They would also threaten the opposite person with the weapons on hand to kill them. However if the person who comes there to sole the problem by using the techniques in the Ruth Nicholson would easily remove the person from the scene without bringing any harm to any one of the person around the particular sensitive area. There would be many display boards in the company showing the punishments for the persons who is involving in many disputes in the office unnecessarily and disturbing other staff also not to do their work calmly.

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