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David Rocker Atlanta

What Are The Qualities Of David Rocker Atlanta Which Makes Him A Very Prominent Personality?


There are so many great people in the world from which each and every individual across the globe can take inspiration from. Unfortunately, most of these great personalities go unnoticed mainly due to the fact that their name is not known internationally. Yet, they strive for the betterment of the planet in more ways than one, and one such person is David Rocker Atlanta, a pioneer in the field of management, who has shown that success comes to those who strive for it. He has an extremely good background in Industrial engineering, having graduated from Georgia Tech, and has used his knowledge of this subject in almost all his areas of work, which is what makes him stand apart from other people. He is the managing partner in the prominent management consulting firm based at Atlanta, known as the Rocker Group. This group specialises in various fields like planning, compliance and analytics and also plays a major role in the field of process improvement. The major secrets as to how David L Rocker reached the position where he is in now is just sheer hard work and perseverance, without which he couldn’t have dreamt of such a high place in the society. He has also been a former chairman for workforce development committee of the Fulton county and was also a part of Atlanta Housing Authority’s steering committee. He is also a very active member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, which is the field he specialised in as a graduate student. With so many feathers to his cap, Dave L Rocker remains humble and down to earth, and this has what has led to him achieving the level of greatness. Being the Georgia Tech club’s founding member and the Georgia chamber of commerce’s past member, his name has spread far and wide in the city of Georgia.

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