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Keep the dog hydrated
It is important to keep the pet hydrated throughout the episode, and this means giving plenty of water to assist in rehydration. The pet should not go back to the solid foods quickly, but if you notice the condition has improved, you can boil some chicken for it in three days time. If the situation was caused by eating quickly, the solution might be in controlling the rations and making sure they are regular so that the pet is not so hungry that it ends up eating quickly. For the more serious cases, only a medical examination can help. As soon as you are troubled, you need to see a vet. He or she will conduct the physical examination like feeling the pet’s stomach. If the situation is worse, scans will be conducted. But before all these, it is important for you to find the cause. For instance, my dog is vomiting because it has swallowed a toy, it has intestinal irritation, it has worms or worse, it has stomach cancer. If the condition keeps worsen, you need to consult for dog behaviourist to control the symptoms immediately.

At the snooty dog contests and kennel clubs, the fashionable have always strutted their prize-winning pooches carefully in keeping with one particular credo - the more purebred a dog is, the more high class it becomes. At a very upscale dog show at London recently, as the contestants walked their preternaturally well-groomed porcelain doll dogs past the judges, at least two members of the audience weren't impressed. They held up protest signs that said something like "Purebred shows helped kill dog adoption". This is really a stand that pushes a lot of people's buttons.

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