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Free Remote Deposit
A Guide To Free Remote Deposit And Various Options Available For Customers In Remote Deposit Software

The free remote deposit software is installed in the PC but the user should ensure whether they posses administrative privileges before installing the software. The anti-virus and firewall must be disabled before installation. After installation, when logging into free remote deposit software user will be prompted to setup the scanner to make deposits. Scanner should not be connected to PC before installing the appropriate driver for scanner. After installing the driver, scanner should be registered with Small Business online banking. User will be authenticated using User ID, security questions and password. Password chosen must be case sensitive and contain special characters with alpha-numeric and must be changed very often. After authentication user has privileges to create deposits in business banking services. Amount to deposit will be entered by user and amount to be deposited is ensured with deposit balances. A check is loaded into scanner and it is scanned. The scanned images will be uploaded to free remote deposit and it is visible for review. More than scanning and deposits user has ability to view deposit history. The deposits made on a particular day can also be searched. User must agree to check retention to avoid misusing checks. The checks that are transferred electronically from remote locations should be marked when it reaches the bank. When checks are marked user cannot send it again to bank by mistake. The checks transferred to bank may be returned when: there is not sufficient amount in account, account is closed or invalid and fraudulent checks. In these circumstances user will get Image Replacement Document which is a copy of original check with front and back side of checks. This document also contains the reason for which the check has been returned back. User has option of modifying or cancelling deposit until it is transferred to bank for review process.

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