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Bleach 486 discussion
I continually push myself to read Bleach because I for some damn reason that God only knows, hope for a better story in bleach 487.

But it is frustrating when the author continually creates more questions/loopholes/fallouts with his story than consistency and logic. I'm not saying VC what's-his-name (Saskibe?)

wouldn't have been a rounder and much more appreciated character should this chapter's info having been revealed back in the SS arc as well as Ichigo not having laid the smackdown on him single handedly, but here it destroys any validation for this chapter's purpose: to honor a man, who up until this point, had less prestige than Kon.

That is what many of us are so upset about, that Kubo seemingly throws together some ideas without refering back to the information he gave us earlier on in the story, as well as evaluate how the new information would coincide ligistically and logically with the past.

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