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Bleach 489 manga discussion
Who will win in bleach manga?

In Bleach 489, did they consider Ichigo to be pretty beastly? Seeing how lack of his presence alone makes them decide to move on Soul Society. I like how the leader said Ichigo would be tied up for awhile....sounds like the leader already knows his subordinate is going to get beat.
Kurotsuchi did some evil for the greater good.

Yama has fought with and failed to kill the leader of the Vandenreich 1000 years ago.
Maybe his majesty is actually the soul king, and 1000 years ago Yama and other leaders of Soul Society took over Soul Society from him because he was crazy, he escaped and hid in the world of the living, possibly created the Quincy's , and even had a child...Isshin....who later had a child...Ichigo.
And the object referred to as the Soul King by Aizen, thats protected by the 0 squad is something else entirely.

wait for reading bleach 490.

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