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Bleach 495 summary manga

Bleach 495** ''Bleeding Guitar Blues'' Summary:

Captain Rojuro Otoribashi receives a report about the casualties his Division suffered in the Vandenreich assault, including the disappearance of the reiatsu of Izuru and other senior officers. His opponent, Sternritter "U", NaNaNa Najahkoop, asks about the report, but Rojuro refuses to elaborate. The pair exchange words, with Rojuro commenting that Izuru inspires him to play guitar and that he would be very sad if Izuru died.

Meanwhile, Stern Ritter "F", As Nodt, makes short work of the lower-ranked Shinigami, who are unable to injure him. The manner of their deaths prompts one Shinigami to flee. He is then attacked by lieutenant Renji Abarai. However, Renji's strikes have no affect upon him. Renji is attacked from above by another enemy, but Byakuya blocks the attack and tells Renji that they should crush their enemies.

He smiles happily. But what he does not know is he will be killed in the end….

The battle is begun. Go go go!!!

Abarai, cool~~

Everyone find their opponent.

You are still such a cool guy. Soul society, come on.

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